Keyboard, organ, Lessons at home in the area of Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds Mildenhall, Ely. I drive to you.
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Even if you are a beginner there is nothing to worry about. Keyboards are very easy to play compared to many other musical instruments.

Your right hand plays the melody and your left hand plays a set of three notes called a "Chord". If you select a rhythm, a complete band accompaniment plays with you to make even your first pieces sound really good. You are in control all the time because the onboard "Band" only follows what you play.


Organs are more flexible than keyboards but they take a little more work to master. The result though, is well worth the extra work!

Pedals not shown

Your hands play in the same way as they do on a keyboard but you have to play the bass with your left foot. This is easier than it sounds and allows you to play music with more flexibilty than with a keyboard.

Reading music

Written music is easy to understand but to become a good reader requires practice and time. Watch the video below to see the basic principle.

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