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Music technology and home recording

I have experience in recording and producing albums for people and I've also taught people who have become pro recording engineers for high-end studios. I am also a synth programmer trained by Bob Moog, the father of modern sound synthesis. I can show you how to understand sound creation and how to make your own predictable sounds (rather than trial and error).

People often use home recording, MIDI scoring and other areas of technology to enhance or expand their work. I usually keep the tuition to your particular needs and areas of interest so that you get the best from them.

Many musicians play on acoustic instruments and find the idea of using electronic equipment with music rather alien to them, however, the focus in recording acoustic instruments is much more on capturing a performance than the technology.

Setting up to record my band, Crisium, and also run the complete show before an audience in a London theatre.

Recording a grand piano using three mics, two will capture the ambience of the room while the one in the picture captures the detail. There is never one way to set mic positions, it is always a case of "What do you want to achieve? Then having the knowledge to make it happen.

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