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Learn to play keyboard or piano at your own home (in the area in and around Bury St Edmunds and Newmarket, suffolk, England) or online with me in one-to-one sessions from anywhere.

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A home keyboard is the quickest and least expensive way to start playing. With a little patience and practice you can learn to play a keyboard no matter what age you are. A piano takes a little longer but the results are well worth the extra effort and to be able to play is one of the most rewarding and satisfying things you can do.

Learning at home is much more comfortable than at a shop, teaching studio or music school because you will learn on your own instrument. Even if you are a complete beginner there is nothing to worry about whatever age you are.

You are welcome to email me and find out more. I would love to help you to learn to play.

Phone 01638 750793


For online lessons you will need a tablet, laptop or phone with Skype installed.

Skype is a video chat program like Zoom or Teams but I find it best for one-to-one lessons. Set your device so I can see your keyboard and also yourself, then it's easy to communicate.

To find me on Skype, search for "" and then look for my Skype image. When you contact me please say it's about music lessons or I may think it's a junk call (I get several each week).

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