Dunwich - Real and Imaginary

Suffolk is one of Englands most beautiful counties.

It has a rich history which is well worth investigation as there are so many fascinating events and places to choose from. One of those places is the village of Dunwich.

A map of Dunwich
The imaginary "City of Dunwiche" overlaid with the real Dunwich Village.

Dunwich sits on the Suffolk coastline just to the south of Walberswick and Southwold. There is not much left of it now as the sea has washed most of it away over the last few hundred years but a visit to the small museum on St James Street will show just how much influence it had in its past. It was an influential city 800 years ago but most of it is now under the North Sea. All that remains currently on land is the western end of the original city.

You can still visit the ruins of Greyfriars and St James’s chapel, walk along St James Street and and cross the Deering Bridge (where Mad Esther's hoval would have been). The last remaining part of the Palesdyke was just behind the cafe near the beach. The car park for the cafe was once part of The Haven and if you look out from there you can see the whole of The remaining Haven although it's mostly dry now.

In the book, The two main characters meet at a seat by the Haven. This scene would have taken place in what is now part of the car park for the cafe. Later on they walk together past the end of St James street and up the hill towards Greyfriars. You can do this if you visit and you can even see the small side gate where they would have entered.
The entrance to Greyfriars
The side gate entrance to Greyfriars

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